Will Impant Removal Reduce Back Pain? Where Will The Incision Be Made?

I'm 5'2", weight 120lbs, had B cup size and had 325cc gel done 3 years ago. However, my back has been hurting me. Sometimes i couldn't sleep due to discomfort on my back. I'm thinking about having them remove. Will removing the gel implants reduce my back pain? Also, where will the incision be since my implant was through the ring of the niples?

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Back pain with implants

Unfortunately there is no way to know if by removing your breast implants that your back pain will improve.  If you're happy with your implants other than the back pain, I would suggest visiting a back specialist for an evaluation to see if a cause can be determined.

As far as where the incision would go if you elected to have the implants removed, there are options available.  You could use the same incision or a different one.  That decision could be made together with your surgeon.

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Impant removal

I agree with Dr.Aldea below. While certainly large implants can cause back pain it is unlikely. If you have the implants removed, be sure that they are actually the cause of the pain. You should see a neurologist or spine surgeon to help you with the decision. Imagine how upset you might be if the implants were removed and you continued to have your back pain.

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Breast Implant Removals may have nothing to do with your Back Pain

Breast Implants are not the most common cause of back pain. I would suggest you have a MRI of your back and be seen by a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon to examine your back for a much more common back pain cause BEFORE undergoing any breast surgery.

Peter A Aldea, MD
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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Back pain and breast implants

Your back pain may be unrelated to your breast implants. The implants weigh less than a pound on each side.   I would suggest seeing a back specialist to be evaluated.

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Breast Implant Removal and Back Pain?

Thank you for the question.

There is no way to know for sure whether your  back pain is in any way related to your  breast implants. This is especially true given that your breast implants are not very large. I would certainly suggest,  assuming that you are otherwise happy with your breast implants, that you rule out other sources of back pain before having your breast implants removed.

Generally, breast implants can be removed through the same approach that they were placed. This would negate the need for additional scars.

I hope this helps.

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