Impacted Tooth Removal: Continued Orthodontics?

I currently have braces, which were put on as a result of an impacted cuspid (#11). I am 27 years old. The orthodontist thought she would be able to bring the tooth down through chain activation, so I went to an oral surgeon, had bone scraped away, and a chain attached. A year later, the tooth has not moved and my orthodontist is now suggesting that I have an implant following extraction. She further wants me to continue with my orthodontics (pay more money). Should I leave the braces on?

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Impacted canine,exposure failure what is the best option

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I would probably remain in orthodontics, extract the tooth, graft the site and place a dental implant.  After implant is placed remain in ortho until the crown is ready to be placed. 

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Canine eruption vs implants

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It appears the canine exposure and orthodontic eruption treatment has not worked. There may be several reasons for this: type of impaction, high density of bone (not uncommon as we get older) and perhaps ankylosis of the tooth. This procedure is more often performed at age 13-14 as it is more successful then. The rate of success declines as we get older. At this time, the only option may be extraction / graft site / and implant. The decision to whether continue orthodontic treatment is really based on the rest of your bite and whether it requires further adjustments. The orthodontist and your oral surgeon can collaborate on that recommendation.


Link below will provide more on canine exposure process in general.



Dr. Kazemi

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Continue Orthodontics while Extracting Impacted Canine

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You probably do want to continue with the orthodontics because the space has to be established and maintained for the eventual implant crown. Without braces, the space would tend to close up as the adjacent teeth shift position.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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