With Impacted Teeth, is my Only Option to Get Full Metal Braces? or Am I Still a Candidate for Invisaline?

I've recently found out from my dentist that my two canines are baby teeth, and the reason for this is my adult teeth are impacted. I'm a 15 year old girl, and aside from the impacted teeth my other teeth are almost perfectly straight.

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Impacted teeth

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You are lucky that your dentist found them now...I have had many adult patients with impacted canines and it is much much more difficult (and often not practical) to try and get impacted canines in for adults. Of course you could just leave the baby teeth there and when they are lost (which someday will happen) you can get implants but believe me when I tell you that braces now would be much easier....sometimes you need to "suffer" short term to benefit for the rest of your life....sort of like going to school!

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