Can you be immune or unresponsive to Retin A? Obagi NuDerm straight to 0.1% with no peeling despite how much or often I use it.

I'm on Obagi NuDerm + 0.1% tretinoin with NO peeling redness/side effects. The only way I managed to get some light flaking was by applying it with blender right after a face steam when my skin was warm & damp. Am I immune to the magic of retin-A? My doc insists changes are at cellular level but I don't see anything after 6wks. It does not even irritate the skin under my eyes! Can you increase efficacy / penetration by combining with an additional acid (besides the Obagi one) or other product?

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No irritation from Retin-A

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You do not have to have redness or flaking for Retin-A to be effective. It takes about a month for any product to even begin working. So you need time. You don't need to peel.

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