Immense Swelling Still 2 Months After Cheek Implant Removal

I had my cheek implants removed 2 and a half months ago and the swelling between my jaw and midface is quite severe. I have tried everything from herbs, medication and enzyme supplements as well as ice packs and excercise. At the moment it tickles and i feel it swelled up and like it has some sort of pressure. how can I make it go away?

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Cheek Implant Removal is Typically Very Faxt

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If this persists, you may want to have an examination and evaluation of you Parotid gland and duct by an ENT surgeon.  It's not impossible for the Parotid Gland or the duct to be injured when gaining surgical access to the cheek bone.  This results in saliva entering the cheek tissue causing swelling, pain and even infection.

I have used cheek implants for over 20 years and the healing after cheek implant removal is typically very fast...on the order of a couple of this sounds out of sorts IMHO.

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