Imbalance Symptoms?

hello i have the following symptoms:- imbalance feeling, eyes ache, nausea, shaking body, postnasal drip,severe headache, noise sensitivness,awkward feeling all over my body.could these symptoms appear from septum deviation knowing that i did a surgery to fix enlarged turbinates & should fix the deviation but my doctor was afraid from septal perforations so he pushed it only but wasn't enough because i felt postnasal drip so he appointed me another surgery would these symptoms go away after it?

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Rhinoplasty surgery

Dear b301,

  • Those sound like concerning symptoms
  • Does he have an explanation for all of those symptoms?
  • I think you should seek out an ENT specialist before undergoing another surgery
  • If you tilt your head forward, can you get the nasal drip to come out of the front of your nose?

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