Laser Treatment for Spider Veins on Nose

I'm interested in Pulsed Dye Laser treatment for spider veins on my nose (I have three that are getting larger). What might I expect to pay for such treatment? I also have the option of IPL, but my understanding is that Pulsed Dye would be a better option. Would appreciate comments regarding the two options. Thanks

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Diode 532 works great on nose spider veins

Iridex laser is a diode 532 nm laser that improves the appearance of vascular and pigmented lesions. Patients see immediate results right after the treatment. Small vessels are eliminated after one visit. Larger vessels and lesions reduce in size and turn dark for 1-2 days. In a couple of weeks, the rough texture falls off naturally and the skin remains pink for 3-5 days. As an option, you can combine this laser with IPL treatments to reduce the overall flushing and redness of the skin.

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Pulsed dye laser is excellent choice for treating spider veins on nose

The pulsed dye laser (V-beam is my choice ) specifically targets capillaries and small veins and the treatment parameters can easily be customized for each patient and actually each area of treatment.This ability to make the treatment match the blood vessels being treaed results in far greater succes and much fewer problems. I think it gives much better results in much fewer treatment sessions and with greater safety than IPL

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
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Spider Veins on the Nose respond well to PDL or KTP

Telangiectases, or spider veins, on the nose are respond very well to laser treatments.  My choice of laser depends on the size of the blood vessels. For smaller capillaries, my favorite is Pulsed Dye Laser (V Beam), which is a 595nm laser that targets the blood in the blood vessels.   For larger vessels, I like to use the 532nm KTP laser.  While I have an IPL in my office, I do not generally use this to target small spider veins around the nose.  It is much less effective than the Pulsed dye laser or the KTP.  You may have some temporary bruising to the area that last 1 week and it may require several treatments.


Dr. Mann

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Laser treatment of broken blood vessels on the nose

Spider veins on the nose can be treated with several lasers, including the pulse dye laser.  These lasers target the blood vessels and vaporize them.  Some are resilient, and may require more than one treatment. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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