Scar Revision on Lip Due to Electrocution? (photo)

When i was a baby i bit a cord on the side of my lip. was left with a scar that got bigger the older i got. I recently went to get the scar revised. Before surgery i was told that results could be worse & nothing else..It's been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and i can't smile. My face & lip still feels like the anesthesia is wearing off. Theres also dropping & swelling of upper lip but not where the scar was removed. Could i have nerve damage? Is this normal? will swelling go away? Y do i drool?

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Scar Revision on Lip Due to Electrocution? (photo)

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Only a few weeks post op. Please allow normal wound healing to occur over the next few months. Discuss in more detail with your surgeon. 

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