Do you think I will need bone implants? (Photos)

Not sure if I should get implants or a 4 in one denture?

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Implants or all on four?

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It is not possible to evaluate the photos.  In general if you have healthy bone support on multiple teeth All on Four  is not the best approach.

There are almost always multiple approaches to treatment and you should expect your doctor to spell out advantages and disadvantages to different treatment approaches.  

Some offices spend massive dollars advertising one approach and want to apply it to all patients, good for them but not necessarily for you.  

When you remove all your natural teeth you kill thousands and thousands of brain cells and a major portion of your brains proprioceptin in the mesencephalic nucleus.  I suggest if you decide on all on four approach get at least a couple of alternative treatment plans from independent doctors.

All On 4 Implants

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You have several options, but either way, you would need to have a denture made. If you were to have an immediate denture made whereby your remaining teeth would be removed and you would then be given upper and lower dentures, you could then decide about placing implants afterwards. You could have 2 implants placed per arch in order to retain the dentures, or more depending on your bone support and what you would like to accomplish. The other alternative is to have dentures built immediately over 4 ( or preferably 5 ) implants. This would also be done at the same time your teeth would be removed. You still could have the option of adding implants and making a different prosthesis, but would cost you more in  life long run. I hope this helps


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There are 2 ways of restoring this , the first one could be with Snapindentures,

 with 8 minimplants, upper and 8 minimplants lower, 

you will have a strong support with  snapindentures, 

 and you will have a great result within a couple of days,

 shape size and even color,

 you will have that smile you always wanted back with a great confort and support. 

All on 4 By Nobel Biocare, 

its the best way to go if what you want is a screw retained  bar, 

that you do not remove ,

 also you will have a strong solution,

 extractions (if you need them) and immediate setting of implants are done at the same proceedure, 

and within acouple of days, you will be able to enjoy, a great smile ,

 with strenght and confort, 

that smile you always wanted, this is the moment, shape, size and even color, you will be able to change.

 But yes, you have asolution!

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