Nylon Suture Here and There After Facelift on June 19th, 2012. Isn't It Harmful if It Remains over my Life? (photo)

Now 73days after a facelift and brow lift, hair loss directly from scarring was noticed by Dr. Russo (head and face surgeon) in Carle general hospital, two Korean dermatologist, and one Korean cosmetic surgeon. While discussing nose issue, Dr. Russo found "multiple fine nylon sutures" (doctor's note, 8/1/12) and removed. Now in Korea on 8/31/12 for the scar revision, my Korean surgeon, Dr. Hwang removed a 9cm long nylon suture with knots near my left ear. Isn't it harmful if not removed?

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Nylon suture came out

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Some surgeons use nylon sutures in the anchoring portion of the facelift procedure. Nylon is considered a permanent suture and is not toxic to the body. Some of the potential complications from permanent sutures are that they can extrude and occasionally they can trigger inflammatory reactions called granulomas although this can happen with absorbable sutures as well. I prefer absorbable sutures for use in deep tissue.

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Nylon Suture Here and There After Facelift on June 19th, 2012. Isn't It Harmful if It Remains over my Life?

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Great posted photos. You had some type of THREADING done. Did you consent for this? Or was this totally unknown to you? are questions you did not answer in your initial posting. 

Are buried nylon sutures harmful?

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Nylon sutures are used by other types of surgeons not just on the skin but internally. There is no toxicity related to nylon or prolene (polypropylene) sutures. The only risk about using them near the skin is that they can eventually work their way out. This is the reason I personally only use absorbable sutures.

"Thread lifts use permanent sutures similar to nylon" and are left in place. Although this is not longer a popular procedure with board certified plastic surgeons.

Nylon Sutures

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Without knowing more about the surgery that you had, it is impossible to answer your question.  It is normal to use Nylon sutures on the outside layer of the skin closure and then remove them within about a week.  There are some techniques such as string lifts which do use permanent sutures under the skin.  Without more details about your particular surgery, it is difficult to say if the sutures your surgeons encountered during your second surgery were supposed to be there or not.


Good Luck.

Permanent sutures

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Not harmful if left in.  The only potential problems are that they may become infected of visible.  They can be removed in this case.

Permanent Suture Harmful to Body? #facelift

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I am sorry to hear about your problem with scarring and hair loss. It is not uncommon for some surgeons to use permanent suture. I use dissolvable in most areas for my face lift and use permanent for my skin closure. Those are usually removed at about one week. Having permanent suture left behind is not harmful to your body. What happens is the body will slowly begin to reject that suture because it is a foreign body. The same thing happens to dissolvable sutures. We often see the body try to spit sutures to the surface of the skin even when they technically are dissolvable sutures. As for your scars those can be revised and hopefully your surgeon will be able to move some of the hair bearing tissue to the area to help out with your hair loss.

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If it is a new swelling it could be an infection or inflammation. If it is the same suture from the day of surgery I would ask your surgeon about it, may be worth taking out

Permanent Sutures Suspending Deeper Tissues after Facelift

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  Permanent sutures can be used to resuspend deeper tissues after facelift.  Some of these sutures can be palpable or visible and can be removed if necessary after the scar is mature.

Nylon not harmful unless body trying to spit it out

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Hello, Thank you for the question and photos. In general nylon is an inert material and will not affect your body. If you can feel the nylon Sutures or they are protruding through the skin they should be removed otherwise they are ok left behind.

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Nylon sutures during facelift, rhytidectomy

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The use of permanent buried sutures is not uncommon.  They are harmful if exposed, and if they were used to close the skin and not removed, but otherwise they shouldn't cause any untoward events.  I agree with the other posters regarding the thread lift it looks like you underwent unbeknownst to you.  

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