Surgeon not wanting to give me my money back, after I went into anaphylactic shock morning of surgery

Went into anaphylactic shock morning of surgery due to prescribed celebrex. My family practitioner said if I hadn't been so close to the hospital I might not have made it. Now the plastic surgeon says if I cancel my lift and augmentation I'll be out $11,000. I am scared to death to go under. Is this ethical?

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Surgery refund

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So glad that you are OK now and that they were able to take of you quickly. It is totally understandable that you would be scared to have the surgery now. Keep in mind however that it was the Celebrex and not the anesthesia that caused the issue. If you would still like to proceed with surgery you may wish to have it done at a hospital where they have all the resources available (although an accredited surgical center should have had what you needed as well). It also does seem like the surgeon should work with you given the situation no matter what "the policy" is.

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Glad to hear that you are okay

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Sorry to hear about such an unfortunate incident.  Glad to hear that you are okay. While I would hold your surgeon to take this into consideration and consider a refund, you should consult the paperwork and policies of your surgeon to find out the emergency cancellation policy. This can vary from loss of a small deposit to loss of a significant portion of the surgeon fee. You might consider consultation with an allergy specialist to verify the allergic substance and once you are clearly save to do so consider undergoing surgery

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
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