Perforated nasal septum- how concerned should I be?

I have recently suffered a perforated nasal septum. I noticed it about a week ago after hearing whistling noises come from my nose. I have dealt with an extremely dry nose that would bleed and scab for 2 years, and unfortunately, I would remove those scabs by blowing or picking at them. I didn't realize the damage I was doing. I am so embarrassed and scared. From what I've researched online, this is a major procedure in order for it to be corrected. What should I do?

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Septal Perforation Surgery

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from a nasal septal perforation. Surgical correction is possible, depending on the size, location and other medically related issues. Bleeding, scabbing and picking at your nose can lead to perforation, but a complete evaluation is needed to exclude other underlying causes which may have led to the dryness and scabbing in the first place. Smaller perforations tend to be more symptomatic, ( whistling, bleeding and crusting ) than larger perforations but fortunately are often easier to repair. Find an expert and get an opinion about the best way to fix this. Try to overcome any personal embarrassment and get the treatment you deserve. No one will judge you for your past behavior and you will be better off correcting the problem now before the perforation enlarges or gets infected. Feel free to contact my office if you wish to consider a consultation. Best Regards.

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Nasal septum perforation

Thanks for this question. First, sometimes septal perforations can cause no problems at all. So not all of them need to be treated. I treat a large volume of patients with septal perforations who experience whistling, excessive crusting, difficulty breathing through the nose prior to repair. Second, the surgery is outpatient so that you are able to go home the same day. A patient is put to sleep for this surgery for about 1.5 hours. Seek a surgeon who has extensive experience repairing this as it can be technically challenging. Hope this helps.

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