Best option to treat overbite/overjet? 1 implant or leave 2-3mm gaps on both sides between canines and bicuspids? (Photo)

Im 36. I had 3 bicuspids exracted years ago(20, 28, 13) as 3 wisdom teeth erupted. The spaces almost closed at that time which resulted w/ overbite/overjet. Curently my dr suggest to place an implant 28 and move teeth to left. Or could I move my teeth forward by creating 2 mm space between canine and bicuspids and close with bonding to maintain asymetry? What is the better option? Im afraid the implant may fail though creating spaces and closing w/ crowns /bonding also have it's cons...

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Extractions of Bicuspids in past, what is best way to procede.

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I would suggest looking into a DNA Appliance to expand your jaws orthopedically.  You previously had contraction orthodontics instead of Expansion orthodontics.

The DNA Appliance can grow you a full wide smile and grow your airway as well.


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What you have is a very complicated situation. I would like to see photos of the "after" of your Clincheck. There are several ways to fix an overbite. Either move your lower teeth forward, move your upper teeth back, or a combination. You don't have enough bone support to move your lower teeth forward and I would not recommend moving your upper teeth backward! I also don't see creating enough space for an implant. In your case, I would refer you to a dentist that does SFOT for an evaluation. I'm sorry to throw a monkey wrench into your treatment, but that's how I feel.  

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