Should I get a lip lift? My philtrum is quite long. (Photos)

Dear doctors, i think my philtrum is quite long i want it to be shorter, as i had rhinoplasty before im afraid scar will be more visible due to my tip of the nose...i can still see my teeth when my lips are resting but i feel like my top lips are so far from the rest of the face,which makes my face unbalanced:/ if u saw my question about fillers i had 2 unfortunate attempt to lip fillers before and ended up with an insane swelling :/ so i cant consider fillers, could you please help thanks a lot

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For upper lip lift?

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I am not really sure that this procedure makes sense for you as it will further shorten what is a normal length lip and in particular will increase your upper teeth show even more.

Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Philtral length excess

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 Central lip lift can be a powerful " limited" procedure to improve peri-oral aesthetics.  However in you case the potential downsides; a "Gummer " smile, increased show of the central incisors in repose, and the potential for visible scarring outweigh the potential improvement.  Therefore I would advise against this procedure for you. Regards Dr. Kiener.

Lip lift

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An upper lip lift does three things:

1. Shortens the distance of the base of the nose to the upper lip Vermilion.

2. Allows your upper teeth to be seen, which is aesthetically beneficial in most cases.

3. Everts the upper lip Vermilion (rolls it outwards) to a very minor degree. I tell my patients that if they are coming to me for an upper lip lift and expect a a good deal of added "real estate" to their upper lip, they will be disappointed. 

An upper lip lift will give you an alluring, model-type look as you see in the glossy fashion magazines. To get a complete assessment, a plastic surgeon needs to see you in person and also assess your upper lip against the backdrop of your upper teeth when your mouth is slightly parted.

Randal Haworth, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Lip Lift

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A subnasal lip lift will decrease the vertical distance between your nose and upper lip. While the scars do well most of the time, such scars are always a gamble in regards to their visibility. But more importantly a lip lift is a central lip augmentation procedure and will create no increased vermilion show at the sides of your lip. In your case. This may or may not in your case create an imbalance in the amount of vermilion show between the central and the sides of your upper lip.

Yes - it's quite long

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I think you're right.  You seem to have a long upper lip and a lip lift should be helpful. The key is getting the tooth show right.  Fillers aren't necessary for you I think as your fullness looks good.

We do up to 5 lip lifts each week, and sometimes more. The results are consistent and natural. It's a good consideration for you.

Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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