I had butt implants on 10/6/2016. I have a large indentation on my left butt cheek. What could be the cause? (Photos)

I had butt augmentation on 10/6/2016. 300cc. I am 2 weeks post-op and have a rather large indentation on my left butt cheek. We noticed the indentation te day after surgery. I was remiss in asking my plastic surgeon why would I have that indentation? I was hoping that it would just go away. It has not. I am frustrated as I did not have an indentation on my buttock prior to surgery. The area where the indentation is is soft. What could be the cause? and most importantly how can it be corrected?

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Cellulite after buttock augmentation

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This is cellulite. You will need this to be fat grafted. This can be done under local anesthetic without full anesthesia. 

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Buttock implants

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I see the area you are referring to and understand that its incredibly frustrating to "wait and see", however the full result of your procedure is not achieved until at least 3 months after.  The swelling causes all sorts of weird lumps and bumps.  make sure that you inform your surgeon of what you are observing.  Try to remain calm and have patience. 

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