Can I take Curamin after tummy tuck for a natural pain and swelling relief?

I had a full tummy tuck, flank, abdominal repair and lipo in my belly area. I was prescribed hydrocod/acetam 7.5 at day 9 of taking it my heart rate resting was between 126 and 116 cold sweats and dizziness. I was very concerned so stopped taking the pain killer completely and moved to Tylenol. I would like to take a natural pain reliever like Curamin? It is completely natural and I am at 2 weeks post-op. Not in a lot of pain but was hoping this may help with swelling.

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"natural" pain killer?

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Thanks for this important question. Unfortunately, on this online forum I doubt you will get actual advice on your post-surgery management. Your best resource for this question is your plastic surgeon. Be sure you discuss any medications with your PS and you consider any potential side effects. Congratulations and best wishes, Dr. ALDO

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