Carecredit online or in office?

I'm hoping to apply for creditcare, I'm worried about being denied. My credit is pretty good (637/640) but I recently took out 2 credit cards in the last year, will I be denied bc of that? Is there a higher chance of being approved if I apply at my PS office? Should I ask for more than I need?

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We have had a great experience with CareCredit and patients have not had any complaints. It does not matter where you apply. If you do need help, any office can assist in the application process. Having a cosigner may help you get approved and/or have a higher limit.

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Thank you for your question.

It shouldn't matter how you apply for CareCredit, or any other patient finance program.  If you are able to find a co-signer, that may help your chances of getting approved.


Dr. Dan Krochmal

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Care Credit

It will not matter where you apply for Care Credit.  The only thing you can do is apply and see what happens.  Some surgeon's offices will accept pay plans as long as the fees are paid in full prior to surgery.

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Carecredit online or in office

It will not make any difference whether you apply at home or in office. You just have to apply and see. There are many other options available outside of care credit as well. Financing companies are very selective in whom they choose to approve. Adding a co-signer generally helps. 

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All you can do is apply and see.  If you have a co-signer, that may increase your chances of approval.

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Care credit to finance surgery

Thank you for asking about care credit.

  • You can start the process of applying on-line.
  • You should wait until you know the cost of surgery before making the final application.
  • Care credit bases its decision on your credit - so it will not change where you submit the application.
  • Since there are unexected issues with surgery, it makes sense to ask for a bit more than you need, unless you have savings that would cover for instance, additonal measurements or garments.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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How to apply for Care Credit

You ask a good question. We offer care credit in our office, and have been happy with the service they provide our patients. The application process is begun by you at home online.  The final steps for receiving the money need to be done at the plastic surgeon's office. Starting the process at the plastic surgeon's office does not make you more likely to be accepted. I would think with the score you have, you would be successful in getting the credit.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
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Care Credit

Your credit score combined with taking out two credit cards this year may affect your ability to be approved with Care Credit.

Applying at the surgeon's office does not increase your chance of being approved. The criteria are the same across the board.

Regardless of what you apply for they will only approve you for what they are willing to lend to you.

Best of Luck,

Landon Pryor, MD, FACS
Rockford Plastic Surgeon
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