Can Medicaid cover a clitoridectomy surgery?

I have noticed since the age of 13 that I've had an enlarged clitoris. I often have pains in lower stomach which and be debilitating and I was thinking maybe it has something to do with my testosterone levels? Since the same age I have become really hairy, is there anything I can do that will let my state insurance cover the procedure?

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Enlarged clitoris & hairy. Hyper-androgenic. In need of a Gyn workup!

You first need a complete workup with lab by a competent, experienced Gynecologist. You may have PCOS; you may be hyperandrogenic, you may have a testosterone-secreting tumor. Yes, medicaid my cover but make sure the doc is compete & experienced.
Best wishes,
Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA, USA

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