Doctor did exchange from 250cc above muscle to 300cc below muscle seems too small 2 weeks after surgery. Any suggestion?

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Doctor did exchange from 250cc above muscle to 300cc below muscle seems too small 2 weeks after surgery.

I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you are experiencing after revisionary breast surgery.  Given that you are very fresh out of surgery: you should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at your stage of recovery will feel that they are too big or (more commonly) too small. I routinely ask my patients to wait at least 3-6 months before evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery. This waiting time allows patients to (usually) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image. 
In other words, it is much too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed; your breasts will undoubtedly change over the course of the next several weeks/months.  For example, many of my patients report that as the swelling around the breast implants (for example, in the sternal area) decreases, they feel that their breasts appear more projecting. Also, in my opinion, the "drop and fluff” phenomenon does hold some validity; as breast implants “settle”, many patients feel that their breasts actually look larger. 
Although online consultants cannot predict whether or not you will be pleased with the long-term outlook, of the procedure performed, it is safe to predict that the breasts will change. Do your best to stay emotionally even keeled. I would suggest continued patience and continued close follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with longer-term.

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Doctor did exchange from 250cc above muscle to 300cc below muscle seems too small 2 weeks after surgery.

If you liked the size of your breasts with 250cc implants above the muscle, then 300cc below the muscle should end up being just fine. It will take several months to achieve similarity in size as the tissues stretch.
If you were looking for a bit of a size increase, then I understand your disappointment, as you would have needed to add 150cc or more to note a visible change, and that would have only yielded a minimally-visible one.

It really depends on what your goals were, size-wise, with the exchange of implants. If you wanted the same size, be patient--this really will be fine over time. If you wanted larger and thought that 50cc would accomplish that goal, then you were mistaken and will need to discuss this with your surgeon. Sorry. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Breast implants above and under the muscle

When implants are placed under the muscle, the initial result will have less forward projection, so the breast will appear smaller than with an equal size implant under the breast.  Over time the breast will gain projection.  Ultimately implants under the muscle produce a result that is more natural in the upper part of the breast, so be patient.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Best of luck.

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