Need These Done Asap?

In Illinois, need implant removal, new silicone implants, mini tummy tuck, skin under belly button only.. Have $8500 cash want done asap, is this possible, before Christmas, starting new job in Jan. 2013

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Remove, Replace Implants and MiniTummy Tuck

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   Yet another variant on the mommy makeover.  Remove and replace implants with silicone may cost $6500 and minitummy tuck may be $4000.  The amount of work in a remove and replace varies widely as does price.

Due diligence is the responsibility of the patient.

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Make sure that you understand the capabilities and drawbacks of any procedure.  Once the operations are defined, a quote will be given.  My prices are posted on my website.

Need Surgery ASAP?

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Thank you for your question.

I would also suggest that you NOT rush into this surgery.  You need to first find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon whom you are comfortable with and you also need to make sure you have sufficient recovery time.  I am not sure if the amount you have saved is enough for all of that surgery - you will have to meet with doctors in your area to see.

Best Wishes.

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Rush Mommy Makeover?

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Be careful that you have enough time to recover and also to find the best surgeon for your operation. I recommend you seek board certified plastic surgeons for best results. Don't rush, there's always opportunities in the future to fit this operation on your schedule. Your safety is more important! More time will allow you to save and have your funds ready to get quality work and not compromise on your results. Best wishes!

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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