Removal of small twin mole on my nose. Should I remove my mole? How should I get it removed, laser or surgical excision? (Photo)

I have two twin moles on tip of my nose. It was 1st observed 10 years back when i was in high school. Its like a dot and as far as i remember it was seen after occurence of blackhead on the site. I feel it is getting bigger as i grew and my face structure changed. I am very conscious and feel less confident because of it. How should i proceed for removal of this mole?

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Shave possible too

I agree that histology and assessment of moles is very important. Sometimes a mole can be shaved rather than excised which leaves an acceptable scar. Discuss this in person with your dermatologist.

London Dermatologist
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Mole removal

Thank you for your question. In my opinion, moles should be removed via excision because the mole can be sent to pathology to confirm if the mole is benign or malignant. If the moles are removed via laser, then nothing will be sent to pathology and the risks of removing an unknown malignancy may occur. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist to have your moles evaluated and to discuss treatment options that best suit your needs. Take care and good luck.

Reuel Aspacio, MD, FAAD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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