The longevity and effectiveness of Fat filler and Juvederm on small atrophic scar on nostril?

I recently had a consultation for an atrophic localised scar on my nostril despite it being small in size it is shallow. It is nearly a year old. I was recommended juvederm filler but was concerned about the longevity. How long will it last will first time use repair the scar as he said i might not need fat filler after. Would a fat filler through injection be permanent for scars from a nose piercing which caused volume loss and atrophy?

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The longevity and effectiveness of Fat filler and Juvederm on small atrophic scar on nostril?

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Juvederm is a better option for atrophic scars. I would appreciate if you could attach a picture so that I would be able to comment on it properly.
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Scar treatment with filler

Atrophic scars are difficult to treat. There are many treatment options and the treatment recommended usually depends on the characteristics of the scar. For example, a vascular scar may be treated with a pulsed dye laser or the Cutera Excel V. An atrophic scar maybe treated with fillers, nonablative and ablative lasers, microneedling, chemical peels, and subcision or any combination of these. I would not worry as much about longevity at this point as I would correction. Once you are happy with a results, then it would be smart to discuss how to make it more long lasting.

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Filler for scar on nose

These types of scars are difficult to treat and a filler may not be able to treat this. You may need to have surgery to remove this scar.  Please post photos to help evaluate,  Best, Dr. Green

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