I have a painful hard lump in my abdomen. I had a full tummy tummy and lipo and muscle repair 13 days ago. (photos)

Basically 2 days ago I noticed this sharp burning sensation in my belly below my new belly button on the right side and it's a hard lump and painful when I walk, and move certain ways. It doesn't hurt when I'm laying or sitting. I rang my PS only to find out his away for 2 weeks. I went to my local GP and they don't know what it is. I have a pic to show my belly so far, there is a patch where a tiny bit of puss was coming out but GP isnt concerned about it. Can anyone help with this lump ?

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Your lump could be just swelling, or it could be underlying fluid or even suture.  If it is fluid, it is possible for that to get infected.  If you truly have pus coming out of your incision, it should be drained.  Many patients think that any drainage is pus when it isn't.  A physical exam by your doctor could help elucidate whether you have an infection or not.  I don't see significant redness on the photo.  Other signs would be warmth and fevers.

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