Should I get temporal fillers? (photos)

I have had my septo/rhino done on 12th Jan 2016. Not happy with the results. My surgeon and he recommended that I should get temporal fillers to balance out the look. He advised me to wait for at least a year before I decide to go for a revision. I never noticed the depression in my forehead until now. He says I have a huge eyebrow muscle( lay man terminology) Should I get the fillers done? would it make my nose appear better? If yes, then what fillers and what quantity?

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Temporal fillers to balance out Rhinoplasty

It is difficult to see in these photos what would be best. I would need photos that are closer up, with better lighting, and with your hair pulled back. From these pictures, you look beautiful and your nose looks nice as well. If the eyebrow muscles ( the corrugators) are large and strong, Botox can be injected to relax them and possibly help them look smaller. I say waiting another few months before making a decision about the next step is a good idea because this gives you a chance to get used to the changes in your nose and face before changing another aspect.If you do pursue fillers, Voluma is a nice option to add volume to the temporal area. This is an off label use so make sure that you have an expereinced injector who is very familiar with the underlying anatomy of the face.

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