Why Are my Breasts Like This at Age 23? (photo)

I’ve never had large or perfect breasts but up until recently they’ve started to hang more and more and I always considered breast implants but just not in my early twenties. Would I now need a breast lift if I decided to get breast implants? I’m 5’9” and am 195 pounds but my pre-pregnancy weight was 165. Even though it's irrelevant it seems like my entire body is aging prematurely, and plagued by skin disorders(acne, eczema, etc.) I also wouldn’t do the surgery until I was at my ideal weight.

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Based on these photographs it appears that you will benefit from a breast lift along with the breast augmentation

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Breast droop in young patients



The key word in your description is pregnancy. No matter what your age, once you have become pregnant, all bets are off in terms of breast aesthetics. Some people tolerate pregnancy very well and have little difference in their breasts, but others end up with a great deal of post-partum droop.Based on the photos I think that you need a lift as well as implants.Good luck with your decision.


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Hello. Judging by your pictures it looks like your nipples are lower you’re your inframammary fold. If this is the case I would definitely recommend a lift along with your implants. A consultation would definitely be helpful in determining your best option as it is hard to determine based on pictures alone.

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A breast augmentation with lift is needed for improvement

I don’t think your body is aging prematurely, this sometimes happens after pregnancy. I would recommend implants with a lift.  The implants will replace the lost volume, especially in the upper portions of your breast and the lift will reposition the nipples back to its previous position.

I would be happy to set up a free consultation, even if you are planning to lose more weight, as it may give you additional information on the procedure (and give you something to look forward to as you continue to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight).

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Breasts and a lift

Each person's breasts respond differently to weight changes and pregnancy. In your case you probably need a lift and if you want more volume you will need an implant.

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Why Are my Breasts Like This at Age 23?

Appears as if you need a lift but only in person examination can resolve this. As for your genetic/pregnancy/environmental effect on your breasts there can be no one answer but a combined effect. 

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Drooping of young breasts

Your frustration is completely understandable.  There are many factors which affect the shape of the breast. While your general tissue elasticity is determined by genetics, perhaps the most likely cause of early drooping of breasts are weight gain and loss (as in pregnancy) and hormonal changes that you may have with breast feeding, again resulting in enlargement and shrinkage of the breasts.  Based on your photographs, it seems that you would best benefit from a breast lift to correct the drooping of your breasts and augmentation to restore volume and shape to your breasts. Dr. B

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Gentics and the fate of the breast

Actually genetics is a very powerful determinent of breast shape, and pregnancy and weight gain and loss can speed the 'aging'. Your photo shows significant breast droop (ptosis) that only a full breast lift will correct. An implant alone could make matters worse, and the best time to begin is when you hit your goal weight.

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Breast lift and implants

Thanks for the question and if you did want breast implants when your weight was down, you would need a lift based on your photos. Without the lift, the nipples will still ride low off the bottom of the implants.  As far as premature aging, there are genetic issues but sun damage and weight fluctuations are real culprits here too.

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Why Are my Breasts Like This at Age 23?

Your breasts have developed ptosis, or drooping, likely from weight fluctuations and hormone fluctuations from pregnancy.  Additionally, genetics play a role in this too.  You will certainly require a lift when you are ready for implants, to get your best results.  Good luck!

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