Can I have a Reduction and then Circular Implants?

Hi, I'm a 32GG and hate the size/shape of my breasts, is it possible to have a breast reduction and breast implants as I do not like "natural breasts" and only want to be a D/DD? I know this sounds slightly crazy but I've liked the roundness of "fake boobs" for years and don't relly like the teardrop style, would this also only involve scarring around the aereola and down under the breast crease? Many Thanks

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Breast implants after breast reduction

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Dear Shannonjade,

For many years I performed the standard anchor breast reduction techniques with unsavory success. Patients would complain about the 'flatness' of their breasts and lack of upper pole fullness. Patients and I were deeply unsatisfied with the results. The Ultimate Breast Lift technique has solved the architectural problems that have eluded plastic surgery for decades in respect with breast lifts and reductions. An internal cone with straps is constructed to reshape and permanently lift the newly formed breast high on the chest wall. There is less scarring because the vertical scar is completely eliminated regardless of how large or ptotic (saggy). Many of my patients have gone braless for years and experience a new found 'freedom'.

Sure, you can have breast implants after a reduction, but with the UBL technique, there is no need. BTW, the weight of breast implants eventually stretch tissues where you will be flat on top again. It's worth looking into.

Best wishes,

Dr. H


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Breast reduction and augmentation at the same time?

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Breast reduction patients almost universally end up wishing they had more fullness in the upper breast area. For that reason, it is not unusual for these women to come in sometimes after reduction  and request breast implants. I am not sold on the "no vertical scar breast reduction" technique. Going from GG to DD is a big change and I'd recommend reduction first, followed no sooner than 3 months (to let things settle) by breast implants. Best of luck to you. 

Breast Implants after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

Actually, what you are considering does not sound “crazy” at all. I have had several patients in your situation who do not like the appearance of “natural breasts” and wish to achieve a full round shape associated with breasts implants.  I think that the best/safest way of achieving this goal is to undergo breast reduction surgery first (usually involving incisions around the areola, vertical, and horizontally under the breast crease),  followed by breast augmentation in the future (second stage).  I have found that, in general, saline breast implants help to achieve the full round look ( as opposed to a more “natural look”) that these patients are looking for.

I hope this helps

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