I have a Place Behind my Ear That Keeps Filling Up with Blood Will It Go Away I Had the LSL

I had the LSL in april 2011 I went back to the doctor that did the lift and she drain the blood out the place behind my ear with a needleand it has filled up again what do you think this is i am really worried and my face and ears are numb

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Numbness after lsl

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It takes many months for the numbness to go away after facelift. It took me after mine almost 6 months. Seromas or hematomas behind the ear are self limiting and they usually respond to aspiration and pressure

She may need to place a small drain.

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Small fluid collections, or seromas, can happen with any facelift, including the Lifestyle Lift.  You may need a second aspiration and then compression to get it to stop.  If not, a small drainage tube can be placed sterilely to allow any fluid build-up to immediately evacuate.  Once it stops, the drain is removed and the scar heals nicely.  

As far as pain and numbness, it can take several more months until you are back to normal biologically.  Just be patient and let your body heal.  I know that it is frustrating, but unfortunately you and your surgeon have little control over this process.

Good luck and feel better,

Dr. Shah

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