Identify Treatment of Two Bumps Along Incision Line?

2 weeks post lower lid blepharoplasty, no change since 2 bumps appeared near 1 eye several hours after suture removal. Almost pea sized, next to each other one at corner of eye, the other next to it extending away from eye. On palpation they feel round. There is raised inch -long area beneath half of eyelid extending from bump nearest the eye corner Suture line extends a half inch from eye. Softish. Fat not removed or added, had blepharoplasty 10 years ago. What is this?Soaks don't help.

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Bumps after Eyelid Lift

Thank you for the question. From your description, and the timing, it seems likely that these are milia. Milia are very common, benign, little inclusion cysts that form in the suture line after eyelid surgery. For larger milia, the treatment is to either unroof or extract them.  This is easily accomplished in the office.  Other possibilities include a suture reaction or granuloma, especially if an absorbable deep suture layer was included in your repair. You should follow up with your suture routinely until this resolves.

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Bumps after Lower Eyelid Surgery

   Bumps after suture removal following lower eyelid surgery maybe suture reaction or milia.  Depending upon the inciting element, nothing may have to be done.  Milia can be unroofed.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Bumps near blepharoplasty incision?

The bumps could be inflammation froms urgery, could be milia, hard to say without an exam.  Best to be seen in person.

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Milia are common after eyelid surgery.


Cannot tell you what is wrong but probably not serious.  See your plastic surgeon.  The bumps can probably be unroofed.

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