How Do You Identify an Open Roof?

I believe (to the best of my knowledge) that an open roof means an up-and-down gap between nasal bones, but is it still considered an open roof if the gap is left-to-right? I had my nose broken and repositioned a few years ago, which left a small quarter of an inch space on the upper bridge. Feels almost like the bones didn't connect well, with the bottom half of my nose ending on a ridge, followed by the indent then another ridge. Should I be worried or is it common for bones to heal "uneven"?

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Identifying An Open Roof

I need to see pictures to help you understand what, if any problem, you have. Any defect in the bony layer of your nose could be considered an "open roof". 

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How Do You Identify an Open Roof?

         If you like the look of your nose now, there is probably not a great reason to do anything if the concern is only due to palpability.   If there is something else in addition to feeling a gap, a rhinoplasty to alter the bones a second time can likely solve the problem.  An exam would be necessary to determine this with certainty.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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How Do You Identify an Open Roof?

 An "open roof" deformity exists when the tops of the nasal bones do not meet in the midline allowing a gap between each nasal bone, and the nasal septum.  A Rhinoplasty would be required to re-break the nasal bones towards the midline.

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Open roof deformity

 An open roof deformity can be the result of trauma or previous surgery. Appears that you have had both.  Open roof deformity occurs when the top portion of the nasal bones are not in direct connection with the nasal septum and there is a gap on either one side, or both sides. This only needs to be fixed from a cosmetic standpoint, not a functional standpoint, and only if it is bothering the patient.   Both medial and lateral osteotomies must be performed to close the roof deformity.

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Open roof deformity

You described it well. However, there are possibility of complex healing of the nasal bones after traumatic fracture or surgery. It is not important how your nasal bones healed, are happy with the shape of your nose? If the answer is yes, fine don't worry about it.

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Open Roof after Trauma

An open roof is a gap between nasal bones of any dimension. This can happen after trauma or surgery. Bones can heal unevenly and may need to be moved back into place. Sometimes this requires re-breaking the bones. 

Dr. Zoumalan

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