Ideas for Eyelid Revision?

I had double eyelid surgery more than 9 months ago, at about the 3rd month one eye felt heavy, like something is pulling down on it, which caused a little pain each time I raised it up (like someone was pulling it down), but it looks normal. Now my PS is giving me the options of lowering the crease, correcting a minor ptosis, or lid tightening. I'm only doing revision to get rid of that tugging feeling (strain), which the PS is going to explore in the OR; in general, what should he look for?

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Correction of eyelid surgery

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Wait another 4 to 6 months before having any further surgery.  Your result looks very good.  The tug or pull may be due to healing and or scaring.  I would not recommend treatment until  a minimum of 12 months has pasted.

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