Ideal Nose Measurement by '' The Perfect Face Mask'' Principle

There is a scentific/Medical/Math project with all messurments of the perfect ideal face. It's called: ''The Perfect face mask'' which you doctor's all know I asume. It's based on the fact that the same messurments get back everytime in all kinds of angles etc...

By an ideal male face : How far is the nose sticking/pulling out of this ideal face? What is this size in cm or iches? There should be some sort of number in cm's for this. Is there some sort of standard given ideal messurment?

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Rhinoplasty is an Art and a Science

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There are many facial proportions and measurements that can be used to define "ideal" proportions.  It is important to understand that all measurements should be used as guidelines rather then absolutes when analyzing a face and performing rhinoplasty.  Any rhinoplasty surgeon will tell you that no two noses are alike.  For this reason the ideal proportions should not be used as a standalone method for deciding on how to perform rhinoplasty. A sculpture will tell you similarly. 

To answer your question, nasal projection (how far the nose sticks out from the face) is ideally thought to range from 2.8 cm - 3.2 cm.



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