What is the Ideal Energy Level for Indian Skin with Deep Scars with Deep FX?

I have a Indian Skin, Type 4 or maybe 5 and have deep Acne Scarring (Mostly Rolling Scars and Box Scars)I know this is something that my doctor will have to decide after examining my skin and the level of scars, but they are fairly deep. If I wish to go with the Deep FX Laser for treating this scars, what energy level should ideally be used to treat such deep scars which will give good results and at the same time will not risk a chance of permanent hyper-pigmentation. 30MJ, 40MJ or 50MJ ?

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Settings for deep fx and indian skin

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I would suggest you have a test patch treatment.  I typically recommend a small area of your face be treated with deep fx to see if you develop any problems with  hyper or hypopigmentation post treatment.  This can help establish a safe treatment setting for your skin.  Typically acne scars settings start at  22 MJ and Density 3 as per luminous recommendations.

Energy Level for Deep FX

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Thank you for your question. I would not treat you with C02 yet. I would first treat you with eMatrix 4-5 times, then spot treat what is left with C02, and reduce your risk. I hope this helps.

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