Who is an Ideal Candidate for Thermage?

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Best candidates for Thermage

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Almost anyone can get Thermage.  Thermage tightens loose skin by tightening the collagen in the skin.  People will get better results if their skin, and therefore their collagen, is in better condition to begin with--- meaning non-smokers with less sun damage.  Age is also a factor, and someone who is 50 will have better results than someone who is 70, because the older we get the less responsive our collagen is.  Thermage can be performed almost anywhere on the face or body where you have loose skin, but you cannot get Thermage in the same area that also has a tattoo.  Many people choose Thermage because they can get skin tightening without scars or downtime, and not all people or all body areas are appropriate for surgery.  The results are more subtle than with surgery, and no one should expect a surgical result from Thermage.  We often rely on Thermage to delay or prevent the need for surgery, or maintain someone's surgical results over time.  It's important to have a consultation with an experienced physician so you can fully understand all of your options, and what you can and cannot expect with all of the available treatments.

Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

Thermage tightens skin without surgery.

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Hi!  We do Thermage on patients who need skin tightening (jowls, stomach, arms, thighs), but are not candidates for surgery for any reason (too young, too old, scared, medical problems, etc).

The results are not as dramatic as with surgery, but there is no scar, no recovery, no anesthesia, and it's very safe.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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