Does Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to Harvested Fat for Fat Transfer Work?

Is it an effective way to add fat for procedures such as BBL?

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Does Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to Harvested Fat Improve your Result?

Platelet rich plasma has become a very hot topic over the past couple years for a variety of uses. It has become extremely popular in orthopedics and has recently gained momentum in the plastic surgery/aesthetic world. It has been used in two areas of plastic surgery, one for facial rejuvenation and the second is for improved fat take after large volume fat transfer.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become an extremely popular procedure as it improves the overall shape of the patient while enhancing the buttock. One of the difficult aspects of the procedure is that patient can lose about 30% of the fat that is transferred in large volume fat transfer procedures.
The benefit of adding platelet rich plasma to fat transfer procedures is to increase the overall fat that survives and improve the final result. This is especially important in thin patients that might have a limited amount of fat for the augmentation.

There are still more studies to be done but there is some evidence that the platelet rich plasma does increase that fat the stays for the augmentation. When 1000cc are being transferred an increase in 10 – 15% of fat makes a significant difference.

I hope this helps answer your question, please discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Dear friends77 in houston,

PRP or platelet rich plasma is growing in popularity.  I have used it for direct facial shaping without fat, for improving the texture of the skin, improving wound healing. As far as micro fat grafting- I do not add it as the results of fat grafting are excellent on their this would be an added expense.

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Does Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to Harvested Fat for Fat Transfer Work?

I think this depends on what area you are injecting the fat.  Healthy fat injected meticulously into certain areas of the face has an extremely high survival rate. However,  if the fat is unhealthy, harvested traumatically or injected into a less vascular area of the face, the fat may not do as well. I believe that fat injected into the malar or upper cheek region survives better if it is mixed with platelet rich plasma or PRP. I also believe that fat injected into the lower cheek area of the face does better with platelet rich plasma or PRP. In addition, I think the temporal region of the face does better with fat injected  with platelets rich plasma or PRP.

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Fat Transfer

There are several people with the same question, and the idea is interesting, but I am still waiting for a peer reviewed journal advocating this as the best way to transfer fat, and have good stats to support the long term viability of the fat transferred.

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Platelet Rich Plasma for Fat Grafting.....

There are many claims that PRP improves the fat cell survival, but as Dr Shureih stated, there is no good scientific evidence that this is true. 
If the fat is handled properly, you can obtain great results even without PRP.  

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Platelet rich plasma for fat transfer

Platelet rich plasma has many growth factors and has ben found to be beneficial in certain medical scenarios. Unfortunately there is no good scientific data on whether it fascilitates fat survival during fat grafting. That does not mean that it may not help, but fat grafting is too new a science and not enough research has been performend to define the ideal techniques. That being said, I don't believe that it can hurt and it may offer an advantage.


D. Medalie, MD

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Far tranfer

Adding Platelet Ruch Plasma, with all the growth factors in that mix may help with fat transfer take.

How ever there is NO scientific data to support that. We are waiting for the science.

Samir Shureih, MD
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