1 year post-op & I have rippling. Will switching from Natrelle implants to Mentor silicone fix the rippling? (Pohot)

A few months after surgery, I noticed rippling, right in the front on my cleavage on both breasts/underneath. I have 450cc in one and 525cc in the other. I went back and saw my surgeon, he told me that my tissue was thin & that he would replace them with silicone & has a less chance for rippling. If I am going to ripple again I do not want to have them replaced right now. I like the size & shape, I just want to be happy with the outcome & have no visible rippling in the front.

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Options to improve implant rippling

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In general silicone implants have less rippling than saline, true for all brands (Sientra, Mentor, Allergan-Natrelle). However, if the tissue is thin, it will not completely eliminate it especially for ripples of the upper breast (called "traction ripples.") Under muscle placement will help, but ultimately an internal bra procedure would be a more comprehensive solution for many patients. This could be done with an ADM such as Strattice or with SERI scaffold silk mesh.

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Causes of rippling

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You look great at one year. The implants are in an excellent position, sorry to hear about the rippling. Rippling can occur for a couple reasons. Generally, it is because the tissue is thin that is covering the implant. You are thin and this is commonly seen more in thinner individuals. Rippling is commonly most noted along the lateral edge of the breast or at the bottom of the implant where the pec muscle is not covering the implant. Rippling can be much more noticeable if the implant is placed over the muscle. Rippling can also occur if a saline implant is underfilled, but I expect that is not the case in your situation.

Replacing saline for silicone can help, but won't always eliminate all the rippling. I have seen rippling with silicone implants, so switching for saline to silicone is not always the best treatment.

To reassure you, I think you have a good result, at least from the pictures you have posted.

Thin Breast Tissue and Rippling

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Thank you for your photos and question. I am sorry you are unhappy with your result. Rippling is most common in patients with thin tissue, saline implants, and over the muscle placement. If you have a revision and are able to change those factors, you will likely see a reduction in the amount of rippling you notice now. Talk this over with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to see what your best options might be. Best wishes.

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