Please HELP! Will a Donut Mastopexy And Ideal Implant look ok on me?! (photos)

I am a mother of 4 children and I breast fed all of them. I am very unhappy with my image. I have surgery scheduled for December and am SO nervous. I am scheduled for a donut mastopexy, Ideal implants, and TT. From what I have read, the donut mastopexy has a bad rap. I'm afraid I am going to be unhappy with just the small lift. However, I have asymmetry so maybe I'm limited as far as options go? The Dr. said a full lift would be dangerous because of blood loss. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

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Plan ok?

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Yes, I think your surgeon's plan sound good. You will probably always have a little asymmetry but think of your breasts as sisters and not twins. The nice thing about using the ideal implants is that they are adjustable and your surgeon can make small subtle changes between the two implants in order to try to get them closer. Good luck.

Will a Donut Mastopexy And Ideal Implant look ok on me?

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I understand your anxiety and would suggest that you spend additional time communicating your concerns/questions directly with your plastic surgeon.  Doing so will help you both consolidate a plan and help decrease anxiety.

 You are correct in that a "donut mastopexy" has limited utility;  as you know it is not a very powerful breast lift. Whether or not it is indicated in your case would depend on careful measurements;  therefore, online consultants will not be your best resource in this regard.

 I can tell you that from the blood loss standpoint,  that there should not be significant blood loss with a "full" breast lift.  I wonder if there was some type of misunderstanding between you and your plastic surgeon in this regard?

 Again, communicate your questions/concerns clearly;  this  communication should help greatly when it comes to achieving your desired outcome and alleviating anxiety. Best wishes.

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