I'd Like Doctors' Opinions About The Icon IPL Laser (Aka Starlux)

I went and saw a highly regarded derm in Boston, who listened thoughtfully to my concerns over my 41 yr old aging skin. I have problems with milia, some broken capilaries, some pimples, fine lines. I have never smoked, no alcohol, healthy lifestyle, ideal weight. He recommended an IPL laser treatment with the new ICON IPL, formerly knows as Starlux. Anyone want to weigh in on opnions on this laser? Thanks!

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You will need more than IPL to address your concerns.

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IPL will help pigmented spots, telangectasia (facial vessels), fine lines and texture.  If you have moderate to severe wrinkles, some form of laser resurfacing may be needed.  Milia can be extracted or vaporized with a laser.  It sounds like you need a complete consultation that addresses all of you needs.  Make a treatment plan and a budget and then you can decide what you really want to do after you have looked at your needs and the benefits, risks and costs of treatment.

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