ICL Treatment?

I am using glasses for more than 14 years. I never use contact lens. I check my eyes for LASIK treatment. Based on the report, doctors told that am not applicable for LASIK treatment and also to suggested me to take the ICL treatment.. My eye power as per the report is -8.5 (in Right eye with cylinder as -0.50 and -8.25 (in Left eye with cylinder as -1.00). Am in doubt whether ICL treatment is the better solution. Need your kind suggestions.

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ICL or not

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Without knowing your details, it would be impossible to determine which is the best option for you.  It seems as though one ophthalmologist has told you that ICL is best. Get another opinion if you are in doubt.  I can tell you that based on your glasses prescription alone, you might be a candidate for LASIK, PRK or phakic IOL (ICL) surgery or nothing, so you need to find out based on parameters that only an examining ophthalmologist can tell you. Good luck

Hoffman Estates Ophthalmologist

Need more information

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If doctors have told you that you are not a candidate, then ICL may be a better option for you. There is no way to confirm this without examining you. If you are uncertain, seek a second and maybe even a third opinion. Consult with refractive surgery specialists if you can.

Ilan Cohen, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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