Is ICL the Right Choice?

I am 28, have a prescription of -8.5 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 500 which I was told is very thin. In addition, I have very dry eyes which restasis and tear duct plugs were not able to help. I went in for a LASIK consultation and the doctor indicated I was not a candidate due to thin cornias and the dryness of my eyes and instead recommended ICL. Is this the safest choice in procedure available for me? Since its a newer procedure, is the risk of blindness much higher?

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Implantable Contact Lenses vs Lasik vs PRK

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I like to reserve the Implantable Contact Lens procedure(ICL) for patients who are not good candidates for either Lasik or PRK. While the information you have provided does show you are not a good candidate for Lasik, it does not show that you would not do well with PRK, which is far less invasive than an ICL procedure. I would consider this first, as I have performed many PRK's on patients like you with terrific results.

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