ICL Process with Nearsightedness?

Hi, I have nearsightedness with power Left eye -24 and right eye -20.From few days , i am facing floaters and flashed in my both the eyes. I have been checked with Doctor and they are saying that LASIK is not possible for my eye. ICL can be possible. My question is.. is it needed to do surgery for my eye now as floaters and flashes( vitreous detachment) happened. please suggest Thanks, N

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Extreme nearsightedness and ICL

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I would recommend you see a retinal specialist for your floaters and flashes, to make certain that your retina is healthy and you don’t have a retinal hole or tear. Assuming your retinas are healthy, you could consider ICL surgery for your extreme myopia. ICLs are available to treat up to -20D of myopia. Any remaining myopia in your left eye could be touched up with LASIK or PRK if you are a proper candidate for that.

Farmington Ophthalmologist

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