Ice and Hot Water to Treat a Punched Nose?

A couple of days ago, I got punched in the nose and it swelled, so I was told that if I don't put ice on it for 2 days and then hot water on the third, it might stay as big or even grow bigger! Today is the 3rd day, but I'm not noticing a huge difference, my nose is still big. My question: what do I do to make it go back to the way it was? And why was I told to add ice and hit water on it? Oh and I'm a female, btw.

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Nasal Trauma

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An evaluation of the inside and outside of your nose is recommended to determine what damage has been done.  Please seek out a facial plastic surgeon who can assist you.

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Nasal trauma

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 It is best to have a physical examination by an ENT or facial plastic surgeon to rule out a septal hematoma and nasal fracture.

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