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I had Active/Deep FX under my eyes today and had taken 600 mgs of ibuprofen around 8am because I had started my menstrual cycle and I get very severe cramping (I also took 600 mgs yesterday due to a headache). I had my procedure done around 6pm, and I'm still having bloody oozing and its very red. Could the ibuprofen be causing this, or is this normal? Thanks

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Your fine

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The amount of oozing your having is normal after laser resurfacing.  I don't believe that that the ibuprofen will affect your result.  Typically the results look worse before they get better.  Hang in there.

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Some bleeding after Deep Fx is normal.

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Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti inflammatories can slow the clotting process and therefor cause somewhat prolonged bleeding.  Pin point bleeding for about 24 hours is normal and not worrisome with Deep Fx.  It always looks terrible but the actual amount of blood lost is very small even with people taking ibuprofen.  Let your physician know if you are concerned and follow the aftercare instructions.  I usually see my Deep and Active Fx patients at 24 hours to assess and reassure when needed that all is well.

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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