IBS Persists After Accutane Course is Over?

I've been taking Accutane pills (20 mg) for over 4 months. I started presenting abdominal distention and change in bowel movements and last week I visited a gastroenterologist, he prescribed me Tegaserod pills to control my colitis and help my chronic constipation. The gastroenterologist told me that I was going to be taking the tegaserod treatment until the end of the Accutane course. My question is if the IBS is going to stop after my Accutane course is over or if it will persist?

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IBS and Accutane

Really, hard to say. Over the years I've prescribed Accutane to over 20,000 patients. Less than .5% of those ever had issues with IBS and if they did, it was usually gone once the Accutane course ended and the Accutane was out of their system (which the majority of the medication is gone in less than 48 hours). With that being said, your IBS could be totally unrelated to your Accutane use and entirely coincidental, in which case it definitely can persist for the long haul because the two aren't related.

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