5 Months Post Labiaplasty and Area Around Pubic Bone is in Pain?

pain when using a tampon muchless have sex. iam getting the run around and told just keep working it. its not about the v-j being open enough it is the pain on the bone. almost like my nerves are exposed.

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Pain after labiaplasty

A careful examination may point to the problem.  Most labiaplasty patients do not have this type of longlasting discomfort.  I would undergo an examination to assess the source of the problem.  It may be associated with scar tissue, but this is a rare finding. 

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Pain after labiaplasty

Labiaplasty should not cause pain after the wounds have healed.  The labia are usually trimmed for aesthetic or comfort considerations and this is done well away from the pubic area.  My concern on hearing this complaint is that there is abnormal scarring around the clitoral hood.  


If the physical exam is normal and there is no visible reason for the discomfort then a trial of systematic desensitization is indicated: take a vibrator and touch an area away from the tender part and slowly move the vibrator closer and closer to the sore spot.  Hold it there for a second and repeat several times two or three times per day.  If the problem is just hypersensitive nerves you will feel better within a week.


If this is due to a physical problem, such as abnormal scar, you will need a surgical revision.  You should find a surgeon with a lot of experience in this area. 

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