I'm an 18 year boy who struggles with his fractured nose we don't have health insurance and was turned down by CareCredit?

I don't have health insurance and need a septorhinoplasty,i have a deviated septum,we went to the university to see if a resident could do my surgery for less,the doctor said it was considered cosmetic surgery because i had my arms and legs.She said that with the discount it would be 5600 and we dont have enough money.My nose has ruined my whole life from bulling to thinking about suicide i just dont know what to do any more is there any hope for me,i struggle with school,getting a job and life.

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I am sure you can find a very capable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will perform a septorhinoplasty for less than $5600. Every University Hospital with an ENT or Plastics residency program has a clinic.  Some charge more than others.

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