Can I Undergo a Rhinoplasty at 16?

Can I Undergo a Rhinoplasty at 16?

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Can I Undergo a Rhinoplasty at 16?

Thank you for your question, Omar. In general, there is sufficient development by age 16 to allow for rhinoplasty to be safely considered. However, that decision is best made on an individual basis and in conjunction with one's family. I would encourage consultation with a board-certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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Rhinoplasty at 16...

Having a Rhinoplasty at any age is an important decision and requires a good deal of research and thought.  When a patient is 16, that thought process must especially be carried out so the procedure is not performed on a whim.  However, a mature, well thought out 16 year is an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty.  It is important to know that you will need a parent or guardian to sign the consent, so they will have full knowledge about the procedure.  Typically, females tend to grow at a faster rate then males do, so they can have rhinoplasty a little sooner, around 15 and a half years old, with males about one year later.  Waiting until the proper age will insure that the surgery does not interfere with the growth of the nose. Be sure to have a consultation with a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon to discuss your options.








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Rhinoplasty age 16

16 years of age is a reasonable time to undergo a rhinoplasty in my opinion, and I have done several rhinoplasties in patients of that age but no younger.  There are, of course, other factors to consider in undergoing surgery of any kind.   You should also understand the risks involved and have realistic expectations  regarding what you wish to have accomplished.  Also, bear in  ind that you are a minor and you need parental consent to undergo any surgery prior to the age of 18.  I make my recommendations on an individual basis after speaking tp both the patient and parents, combined with my overall exam to determine of a patient is an appropriate candidate for rhinoplasty. 



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Rhinoplasty at Age 16

You can have a rhinoplasty at age 16 because you are physically mature, but you will need  the approval and support of your family.

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Rhinoplasty at 16

Rhinoplasty at 16 may be possible.  For both men and women you want to wait until they are of adult size. For women it is about 16 or 17 and for men it is about 17-18.

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Rhinoplasty at 16

At 16 years old your age is perfect for a Rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty at 16 yo

Omar, this is a great question. Although it is medically safe to perform the procedure, it is important for the surgeon to understand the patient's reasons for requesting the surgery, and evaluate their emotional maturity. The patient's family should be present for the evaluation so that they will also be informed as to the importance of aftercare and have realistic expectations. Good luck

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Rhinoplasty at 16?

Omar, since you have physical and emotional conditional that is no problem. At this age both boys and girls can undergo this procedure!

You should see your facial plastic surgeon accompanied by your parents!

Good luck!!


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Rhinoplasty at age 16

 While you are physically able to have the surgery at age 16 other considerations include maturity,  and family support.

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Teenage Rhinoplasty

The general answer to your question is, yes, most of the time rhinoplasty can be safely done at age sixteen.  More specifically, it depends on your individual facial skeletal maturity and what you want to accomplish, as well as your ability to comply with the after care instuctions.  This can best be determined at a consultation with your facial plastic surgeon, where you and your parents can learn more and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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