I Have a One Year Old That Weighs About 30 Pounds. Can I Lift Him After Three Weeks?

I had a Full tummy tuck on September 12 and have been recovering well but I am losing my help three weeks out and my husband can't take any more time off work. I am doing well and moving around with no pain. Bruising is almost all gone. I am just scared to do something and screw up my awesome results. Is three weeks to soon? He is a 30 pound tank :)

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Lifting (Post Tummy Tuck)

Hi Reney, congratulations on your awesome results!  We typically recommend that you wait 4-6 weeks before doing any moderate to heavy lifting.  However, if you do need to pick up your son, we suggest that you bend your knees so that you are doing a majority of lifting with your legs.  This will lessen the burden of your abdomen muscles as they continue to heal.  Every individual is different and therefore heal at different rates, remember to always listen to your body, and make sure you are not overdoing it!


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Wait 6 weeks or so

It's probably better to wait another couple of week before lifting your child, since three weeks is a little too early. 

Michael Constantin Gartner, DO
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I Have a One Year Old That Weighs About 30 Pounds. Can I Lift Him After Three Weeks?

You really should wait before you fully lift your child at least another week.

If you need to lift or hold him just try the bear hugging method of lifting and holding him.

Always ask your doctor first.

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Usually we tell our patient to wait at least 6 weeks before listing anything over 5 pounds. If have to pick up your son try to have someone hand him to you.



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