I Work in Full Sun All Day Twice a Week. Can I Use Retin A at Bedtime?

Please help me in making the right decision. should I start retin A at bedtime. I work in full sun twice a week all day long in texas. Does the benefits of putting retinA A on my face outweigh the risks? I used it before few months ago before I took the outdoor job and I had tons of wrinkles appear under my eyes after one week of usage so I stopped. Most of those wrinkles are gone which appeared over a week span of time. I want to start again only if it will prevent more wrinkles. missy

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Retin A and Sun Protection

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Topical Retinoids such as Retin A cause the treated skin to be more photosensitive.  It is very important to wear a physical blocker such as a hat as well as sunscreen when exposed to UV rays.

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