I Was Wondering if my Nose Could Change?

Hello my name is aya and i had a nose job a month ago but two days ago my friend accidently pinched my nose from behind but he grabbed me a bit harder than the way i actually touch my nose and i was wondering if this might affect or change my nose; In pictures it looks the same but i am concerned about its shape i felt like the tip changed as if it wasn't good and as if my nose became flatter and no longer straight. I would be really thankful if anyone could help me. Thank you very much.

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One month after rhinoplasty

At one month after rhinoplasty it is unlikely that this encounter could have caused damage to your nose.  

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Pinched nose one month post-rhinoplasty

Hi Aya,

Given that you are a month out from surgery, I’m sure it will be fine - especially if it looks unchanged. If you are still uneasy, please contact your surgeon to schedule an examination.

Good luck!

Ahmed Abdullah, MD, FACS
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