I Was Wondering if CO2 Laser Resurfacing for the Eyelids, and Under the Eyes, Will Melt Undissolved Juvederm?

I had Juvederm dissolved, under my eyes, and eyelids, by Hyaluronidase. Some areas of Juvederm were missed,and those areas continue to swell. Would CO2 laser resurfacing help to get rid of the residual Juvederm? Also, my lower eyelids that were previously smooth, and wrinkle free, were left stretched and wrinkled, and still some areas that are swollen? Would Blepharoplasty help to reduce the wrinkles? I don't have any fat to remove because I am thin and worried about hollowing of eyelids.

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CO2 laser resurfacing wil not dissolve Juvederm

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CO2 laser resurfacing will not reverse Juvederm. Reversing Juvederm can sometimes require several injections of hyaluronidase. Proceed with the laser only if you need the other benefits it provides - such as improvement in wrinkles and brown spots.


Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Under eyes

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use more hyaluronidase to dissolve the residual juvederm, use the CO2 to resurface the lower lids and tighten them. Sounds like this is all you need

Joseph A. Russo, MD
Newton Plastic Surgeon
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Will CO2 laser resurfacing affect Juvederm under eyes?

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Laser resurfacing will only affect the outer layers of the skin and not the deeper layers where the Juvederm would normally be placed.  So, I do not believe that CO2 laser resurfacing will affect the residual Juvederm under your eyes.  In regards to the wrinkles under your eyes, those could potentially be improved with the laser resurfacing or blepharoplasty (for skin only).  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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